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Skyline Mortgage Financing Inc. arranges commercial real estate financing for multi-residential, industrial, and retail real estate assets.1

Our Services

Skyline Mortgage is a team of experienced commercial mortgage finance specialists, providing mortgage advice to corporations as well as individual real estate investors.

If you are seeking finance on a new asset acquisition, or have an upcoming refinancing requirement for one of your existing commercial properties, we will work with you to assess your financing needs and determine the best options available using our long-standing relationships with the leading lenders in the marketplace.

Our Expertise

Skyline Mortgage Financing Inc. is the exclusive mortgage consultant for three Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)  that have cumulative assets of over $7.9 Billion 2  in assets under management:

  • Skyline Apartment REIT (multi-residential assets)
  • Skyline Industrial REIT (modern industrial real estate assets)
  • Skyline Retail REIT (retail assets)

Why choose Skyline Mortgage?

We have direct access to the key decision-makers at the major lenders, which helps to serve your needs better:

  • We save you time – our effective lender-friendly delivery of your mortgage application packages ensure quick and well-suited lender responses
  • We save you money – our proven negotiation skills ultimately result in your getting the lender’s best offer
  • We bring expertise to the table, understanding which lenders have the most appetite for your property, so that only the best candidates see your application
  • We get the lenders competing for your business
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Pete has over 25 years of experience in mortgage financing. He is responsible for looking after Skyline’s commercial mortgage business, and shares in the oversight of its corporate functions.

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    Skyline Mortgage and Sustainability

    Skyline Mortgage is part of Skyline Group of Companies, committed to building strong, supportive, and sustainable communities across Canada.

    Read Skyline Group of Companies’ Sustainability Report and find out more about its sustainability initiatives at:

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    [1] For borrowers and assets located in Ontario and British Columbia

    [2] As at December 31, 2022.


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