Skyline Mortgage Financing Privacy Policy

Skyline Mortgage Financing Inc. (“we”, “us”) is committed to safeguarding the Personal Information you entrust to us. This privacy policy will inform you about the Personal Information we process and how we process it.

We process your Personal Information in accordance with applicable privacy legislation, which includes the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”) and provincial legislation deemed substantially similar to PIPEDA (privacy legislation applicable to the private sector in British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec).

1. Scope

This privacy policy applies to Personal Information of our clients and potential clients processed by us. “Processing” Personal Information means collecting, using, and/or disclosing it.

  • Please note that, in addition to this privacy policy, Skyline Wealth Management’s privacy policy will be applicable to you ( as we employ their services to Process data.
  • If you are a Skyline employee, please refer to the internal privacy policy.

Personal Information encompasses information about identifiable individuals. Beyond standard elements considered Personal Information (like your name, email, address, phone number, etc.), what makes you identifiable is sharing different pieces of data that, alone or in conjunction with other data, allow us to unequivocally identify you. By way of illustration, your name without further data elements like an address or postal code is unlikely to be categorized as Personal Information because other people may have the same name, as such we may not be able to identify you with certainty.

2. Processing of Personal Information

2.1. Legal Bases

We process your Personal Information based on:

  • Your provision of consent (where applicable),
  • Your contract with us,
  • exceptions to the consent requirement as outlined in the law; or
  • in line with legal or regulatory requirements or guidance.

2.2. Collection of Personal Information

We collect Personal Information required to provide our services. With limited exceptions, we collect your Personal Information directly from you through our website, emails, phone, fax, physical forms, internal systems, marketing campaigns or lists, etcetera. From time to time, we utilize publicly accessible information where necessary to verify information provided by you.

When you disclose to us the Personal Information of another person for use in connection with our products or services, for example, a beneficiary or a family contact, you must be authorized to entrust that Personal Information to us.

2.3. Processing Purposes and Processing Activities

We process your Personal Information as required for mortgage financing and refinancing purposes and, where applicable, for compatible secondary purposes (meaning reasonable, necessary, and proportionate).

In line with the Processing of your Personal Information for the purposes listed above, we conduct different sets of tasks (“Processing Activities”) that are required to provide you information, products, and services. Those Processing Activities dictate the Personal Information we collect, use, and disclose.

The following table highlights some of our Processing Activities and the categories of Personal Information we process or may process (depending on the context) pursuant to each Activity.

Note that Processing Activities and Personal Information collected, used, and disclosed may change occasionally.


Personal Information processed by us is limited and may vary depending on the specific transaction:

  • Personal Information included in articles of incorporation, such as shareholder information (name, signature), full name and signature of each incorporator. Similar information is processed in the case of partnership agreements.
  • Personal Information included in rent rolls (Unit #, unit type, tenant code, tenant name, rent, lease expiration, move-in date, move-out date, lease status, parking fee, storage fee, key deposit).
  • Personal Information required to comply with Know Your Client (KYC) requirements for borrowers and guarantors: Legal name of individual, home address, specific occupation, politically exposed person (PEP) status (individual name, family member PEP full name, relationship, position held, country where the position is held) source of funds information, date of birth, sex, identification documents (such as a valid driver’s license, current passport, nexus card, federally issued permanent resident card, provincial health insurance card), document numbers, expiry dates, place of issue, signature.
  • Beneficial owner and guarantor personal information (only where they are individuals).
  • Credit check information where required or as requested by our partners. (Please note that we may be required to disclose and exchange information with credit bureaus, credit reporting agencies and financial institutions in order to determine and verify the eligibility of the borrower and guarantors for the loan and their ability to meet their respective financial obligations).
  • Personal information required for insurance purposes (only where applicable).
  • Broker signature.
  • Personal Information required by financial institutions or partners like Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC).

2.4. Sharing Personal Information

  1. Service Providers: We use service providers for different purposes. We require them to abide by applicable legislation and implement security controls to safeguard your Personal Information. Some of the categories of service providers with whom we share your Personal Information include financial institutions, real estate brokers, consultants (such as lawyers and accountants), auditors, technology vendors, and record-keeping service providers. Moreover, where you express interest, we will connect you to our partners for the provision of additional products or services, in which case disclosure of Personal Information may be required.
  2. Other Companies within the Group: If we determine that Processing of Personal Information by another entity within the Skyline Group of Companies would allow us to provide the service or product in a way that guarantees a better user experience for you, or where the expertise required to deliver you products or services lies with another entity within Skyline Group of Companies, we will grant them limited access, on a need-to-know basis, to the Personal Information they require to do so.
  3. Government Bodies or Authorities, Courts, Police, and Compliance with Legal or Regulatory Obligations: Where required to disclose information per legal or regulatory requirements; asked to comply with an order or similar request, or to collaborate on matters subject to investigation, we will disclose your Personal Information to the extent permitted by law or, where available, in line with applicable case law (like court, tribunal, board, or commission decisions) when no law regulates the order or request. In addition, we will disclose your Personal Information when necessary to comply with legal or regulatory obligations.
  4. Access Requests by Third Parties: In some cases, third parties submit requests for access to Personal Information which are processed in accordance with parameters provided by the law.

3. Storage of Data, International Transfers and Transfers Outside of Quebec

Your Personal Information may be processed outside of Canada. If you are a Quebec resident, please be advised that your Personal Information is processed outside of Quebec.

Personal Information may be accessed, transferred, or transit through other countries due to the nature of the Internet and based on the hosting location of some of our service providers. Access from other countries may also be required for maintenance, security, or support management.

4. Retention of Personal Information

We will keep your Personal Information for the period required to provide you with products or services and for a more extended period where required or authorized by law, regulation, or guidance.

5. Security

We understand that the security of your Personal Information is essential; because of that, we employ a range of prevention and detection tools and methods to safeguard against the loss, unauthorized access, and unauthorized disclosure of the Personal Information we hold. Additionally, we implement administrative measures, such as contractual provisions, to ensure that the parties we share your Personal Information with are subject to legal and technical requirements to protect it.

6. Your Rights

You are entitled to access and rectify the Personal Information we hold about you. To exercise these rights, please use one of the following mechanisms:

Martin Castellan
Co-founder, Chief Administrative Officer & Privacy Officer

Attention: Legal - Privacy & Data Security
301 – 5 Douglas Street,
Guelph, ON
N1H 2S8

In connection to the exercise of your rights, we reserve the right to communicate with you to verify your identity and relationship with us, respond to questions you may have during the process, follow up with you and clarify the boundaries of the request where necessary, and to let you know about the progress of your request.

7. Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to changes as deemed necessary by us.


The information provided on this website is for general information purposes only and is derived from sources that Skyline Mortgage believes are reliable.